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October 20, 2013


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It had only been two months since his death. The pain was still over whelming. It was like drowning in the ocean, even though you were laying in bed, listening to a depressing song on your iPod and staring blankly up at your ceiling. At the thought of drowning, you began to cry again. It wasn’t fair, oh how it wasn’t fair he was dead...

Ben had been a close friend of yours since elementary school and you’d been blessed to stay with him for each school year. The two of you always disappeared during lunch to talk about video games and Ben, true to his nature, would make a few perverted jokes. The relationship never really extended beyond casual, playful friendship, but in that’s also how you liked it in a way too. So what if Ben didn’t know you had feeling for him? All in time, you had thought...

Then you’d gotten the news that Ben had drowned. To say your heart and soul had been ripped to shreds was an understatement. For a whole week you were a mess, fighting with your parents and becoming violent. You tried to cut yourself and had a nearly deadly tangle with your guardian, who tried to pry the knife away from your hands. Nobody was hurt, but your family was traumatized by your actions.

By the time things calmed down, you were listless, home-schooled and still very much depressed. Ben’s grandfather had respectfully given you a few of his old games, still holding the files of “BEN” that you couldn’t change if you tried. The most you did was pick them up here and there to give them a bit of attention. It was stupid if you really thought about it, but you didn’t, because these had been Ben’s games and you didn’t want them to get dusty.

A year passed on, time never seeming to care much about how you felt or notice Ben was dead. In fact, today was the anniversary of Ben’s death. There was no other way you wanted to spend today then burrowing yourself in memories of Ben. That was when a thought struck you. A month before Ben’s drowning, he’d been amped up over the Legend of Zelda game known as Majora’s Mask. He rarely spoke of anything else, especially once he got it and you had absolutely enjoyed how excited he’d been. So... Why had that game not been given to you? Did his grandfather mean to keep it? Or did he plan to make money off of it?

For the first time in who knows how long, you got ready, slipped out of your room, and left for Ben’s house. However, upon arriving, you noticed how empty it looked. No car in the driveway, no lights or sound coming from the house. A car passed by slowly, but you didn’t even notice it. Once it had passed, you got up the courage to head to the fence, over where the gate was to the backyard. You decided that... You wanted to see where Ben had drowned a year ago.

Opening the gate, slowly, carefully, you stepped in, eyes closed. You never felt more nervous in your whole life. This was the place where your best friend, your crush, had died. You slowly opened your eyes, staring at the ground before you looked up at the backyard. Much to your surprise, the yard was well-kept and the pool still had water in it. You took a hesitant step forward, towards the pool... Then another... Until you were peering over the edge.

In the wind, the water ripped and cast dancing light on the bottom. A strange group of dark lines were at the bottom of the pool. A sick thought occurred to you; what if that was some kind of residue from Ben’s body? You felt like you were going to vomit and turned to hurry and leave.

Just then, a huge gust of wind blew by, nearly tossing you back into the pool. Panicking, you tried desperately to save yourself, arms failing in hopes of righting yourself. The wind paused for a split second before it attacked you again, this time successfully tossing you back into the water. Once in, it was like the water itself was trying to kill you, yet... You felt like someone was there.

“You shouldn’t have done that, (Name)...”

You sat up in bed, gasping for air. It was still daytime and you were back in your room, still dripping wet from... When you fell in the pool... A chill that didn’t come from the water and cold air rippled through your body. You managed to crawl out of bed and get into a fresh change of clothes, feeling weak and light headed. Bits of memory flashed in your head. The gusts of wind that pushed you in. The water, wrapping around you and pulling you under. A full moon, staring down at you from above. As the darkness took over, a voice, whispering into your ear...

Speaking of which... You sat down on your bed once more, mind racing. That voice that had spoken to you sounded so familiar. A bit deeper, perhaps, but familiar. The idea that struck your mind brought pain and panic along with it. Had... Had that voice been Ben’s? It was possible, in fact in was very possible! You kept the voicemails he used to leave you, creepy as that sounds, to listen to his voice and not forget him in any way. Thinking it over... They weren’t really all that different!

You tried to swallow down your rising panic, but all it did was make your already light head dizzier. The pain that you had first felt when Ben had died... Was it just you or was this like that time, but 10 times worse? You whimpered pitifully, slowly getting back on your feet and staggering over to your dresser. You went straight to the corner of the first top drawer, grabbing a small kitchen knife you kept in the left, upper hand side. You were too dizzy to think things through, too lost in grief to understand what this would exactly mean-

Your eyes opened to an unfamiliar ceiling. Slowly, you managed to sit up, feeling a numb pain in you arms. Lifting them up a little, you saw they were covered in gashes. Deep and unhealing, the blood already poured all out of them. “So you’re awake!” Your head shot over to the doorway, where two women stood waiting. One with strawberry blonde hair, cuts here and there on her body and only wearing a large shirt. Her right eye was missing too. Behind her was a black-as-ink women, eyes glowing white and her hair pure white too, floating to a wind that you definitely couldn’t feel. She wore old clothing, perhaps from the 1800s time period?

“We thought you actually died, but The Dark Lady insisted that you were passing over. Good thing, right?” the girl with cuts said, walking into the room. A soft chuckle rang through the air from who you assumed was The Dark Lady. “Anyways, I don’t think I’ve introduced myself, have I? I’m Suicide Sadie, at your service! My friend here is The Dark Lady.”

“I’m glad to see you're okay, dear.” she said softly, a hand going to your head to pet it, reminiscent of your mother... Her voice, in fact, sounded quite motherly. “But, there’s somebody here who was ever so impatient to see you...”

Quick as lightening, a statue-like person appeared in the room and suddenly, it felt like the world had closed around you. That statue... It was the one-

“I’m so glad you did that, (Name). Now, we’ll never be apart.”
I chose to put no warning on this, but if any of the content here bothers you, you should tell me so I can put the appropriate blocks up~ uvu

EDIT: I have finished it!! ;v; The ending, actually, was altered from how I originally wanted it to be, but I'm used to that by now... Ahaha~


I bet my BEN Drowned fans are pleased with this.... Now, let me go appeal to the SnK fandom with some Titan!Eren x Reader~ ( =u= )

BEN Drowned belongs to Jadusable
Suicide Sadie belongs to =corgi-moon-pies
The Dark Lady belongs to me
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