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Submitted on
November 15, 2012
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It ended up somehow that you began visiting Eridan. At first, you visited whenever you had a bad day or wanted someone just to plain yap to. Then it was twice a week. Without even you realizing it, everyday afterschool or at 10 on weekends, you’d go to the beach to talk to Eridan. You also had opened up to him more and really relaxed in his presence. Even with all this going on, you were still really unhelpful with his redrom/blackrom problems. Especially when it came to his redrom feels for Feferi.

“Oh my cod, you are such a dork!” You laughed as he brought up one of his old ideas of winning Feferi’s heart.

“That’s not vvery nice, (Name)! I put all my heart and soul into that plan!”

“Doesn’t mean it’s a good one, Eridan! In fact, your ideas just plain suck. You need romantic advice, pronto.”

“Wwell, if you think your so good at redrom, then tell me how I should do it right!” He looked pissed (which you found utterly adorable, not like you’d ever say it aloud) and you just laughed.

“Love to, Eri, but honestly, I’m no better! I haven’t had a single boyfriend, nothing even close to it, and you and Tavros are my only friends! I would say Karkat too, but we always seem to be friends, get into a fight, be mad at each other for weeks, then get over it and be friends again. Repeat.” Eridan stared at you with an unreadable expression. “What? Do I have something on my face?”

“You havven’t filled a single quadrant in all your life? No redroms? Not even a blackrom?”

“Nope. At the most, just moirail.”

It got quiet after that. Eridan took in the thought that her quadrants were empty and she didn’t even care a bit. You, on the other hand, thought about that. No one to hate forever and ever... No one to have cheesy romantic dates with... Was your life always this pitiful, or did it just seem good because Eridan wasn’t around before to point this out?

“Shit, it’s getting late. I gotta go home.” You literally launched yourself up off the sand and patted all the sand off. Eridan just sat up, looking at you thoughtfully. You took a deep breath in and sighed it back out. “Alright, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. Same time?” He nodded and gave you a small smile. This was weird... You eyed him as you walked off, though he just kept staring out at the sea. Whatever fishy stuff he was cooking up, you didn’t want to know.
Oh look, chapter two is up already. I'm on a roll, thanks to you guys.

Now let's see if we can get chapter three up here to complete the set. Might wait a bit before posting the Bonus chapter due to contents and because I have a random idea that involves bowling. >D
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And your welcome~
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Just don't be too crabby if they appear too much.
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