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November 13, 2012
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You laughed as Kurloz signed a joke you’d heard at least 60 times, but still never got old. He smiled as you finally did so yourself and waited for your laughing fit to end.

You had gotten a ‘flush crush’ on one of your best Troll friends, who you had been friends with for years and even would help him out of a tight spot. He’d also help you a lot and comfort you, so you’d built confidence in the belief that maybe he liked you back. However, this had proven to be nothing but repeated words as he flatly said no to you and not even give a proper reason why. Worse yet, during the time you sulked behind doors, you heard from a friend that he had instead gotten into a flushed relationship with Meulin (who, up to that point, you enjoyed talking to and always had considered a moirail).

Kurloz had come knocking a week after you disappeared and dragged you out of your home, signing silly things and making you smile by doing things that, no matter how painful, would put a smile on your face. Once that had been done enough that you were returning to normal, he stopped injuring himself and focused more on making silly remarks about people.

*Look at her dress.* Kurloz signed. *Bet her great grandpa made her that one.* You couldn’t help but grin in agreement. That lady had to be in her twenties, yet she dressed way older. *Oh yeah, can you look up some GIFs for me? I shall express my horror through them.* You grinned fully now. Nothing could entertain you more then the times Kurloz used GIFs to express how he felt. It was like watching the Earth spin really fast while listening to weird music. Utterly entertaining.

You pulled up a special page that you had made just for him, a website of collected GIFs of all sorts: silly, WTF (reactions of the ‘WTF did I just see/happen/etc kind), funny, happy, sad, and more. You then handed it off to him as he dug around for the ones that expressed his feelings the best.

Picture by picture, you laughed at what he chose. It soon turned to him finding the ones you liked best to make you laugh, rather than make fun of the old-fashioned-dress-lady. You were really getting into it when you heard a squeal of delight. “Kurloz~!” You turned to see a blur of olive green shoot past you and latch onto Kurloz, who gave a slight sound of surprise. Your whole being seemed to drop a little when you noticed it was Meulin. That meant-

You felt his presence right beside you before you could even think about him. It was torture, being here. You couldn’t stand another second outside, it was like everything was strangling you to death. You quickly stood up and speed walked away, leaving Kurloz to deal with his ex-matesprite by himself.

You hid in your house again, not planning to leave anytime soon. You’d cried a lot again. Good grief, you wanted to get over him already but it was like there was a grip on you. Holding you away from precious air while you drowned in a sea of misery... You hoped Kurloz would visit soon. Even though you’d totally abandoned him yesterday, you wanted to see him and prevent you from becoming this depressive poet. Shit damn, you weren’t like this!

A knock sounded at the door, two soft raps. It was Kurloz, you’d long since remembered how he knocked. Getting up slowly, you headed toward the door, and opened it in a way that so when it was open enough for him to get inside, you’d be hidden behind it. In doing so, he once again gave a sound of surprise as you tapped him on the shoulder. Noticing it was you, he smiled and went to sit on the couch, you following after him. It was surprisingly quiet and before you knew it, you were feeling drowsy. Well, you didn’t get much sleep last night and the tears took a good chunk of energy from you...

A loud clap brought you out of the creeping darkness of sleep momentarily and you looked up at Kurloz, who gestured to you wildly. “What is it Kurloz?” you mumbled, trying to snatch up some words from his rapid signing. “I can’t read that fast, Kurloz. Slow down, please...”

*If you’re tired,* he signed slowly, *then come over here and lay on me. I’m comfier then the couch.* You chuckled and shook your head.

“No thanks, Kurloz. I’ve slept on the couch plenty of times.”

*Get over here. )o: I’m going to be lonely, over here on this couch-island. Stranded alone!*

“You’re being dramatic. Let me sleep!”

*Lean on me. When your not strong.*

“Were you listening to the radio again?”

*Yes. Now get over here. Or sleep will not know you. Io: *

Finally giving up, you sighed and got up at last, trudging over to the other couch and plopping down on him like he was some kind of Kurloz pillow. “Happy now?” A purring sound came from his throat, so you took that as a yes. You wriggled around, getting comfortable, before finally falling asleep with you head between the crook of his neck.

You woke up later on, just as the sun was beginning to set once more. You felt incredibly groggy, but just blamed that on the tears shed previously. You then took notice that not only had you fallen asleep on Kurloz, but his arms were clasped around your waist, keeping you in place. Mind suddenly on overdrive, you blushed and wondered if he just did it to keep you from falling off him or if he actually liked you.

You lay your head back down on his chest and thought over that idea for a bit. You had never thought about being all redrom with Kurloz, but honestly, it wasn’t a bad idea at all. Kurloz was a great Troll, even if what happened to Meulin was a bit, no very terrifying. Yet, you couldn’t see any reason not to be his matesprite.

He shifted beneath you and your head automatically shot up, just to see his white eyes looking back at you. You smiled and he did the same, but also moved a hand up to pinch your nose between his fingers. You just chuckled at his goofy behavior. Feeling a bit refreshed and up to something new, you tried signing him (you had learned sign language, however, you just never had found a good reason to use it. Kurloz usually just offered the chance to remember what the signs meant).

*Kurloz? How do you feel about me?*

*You’re my closest friend. : o)*

*Is that all?*

Kurloz paused for a second, blinking in surprise. *Are you thinking redrom?*

*Well. Yes, I am.* You felt embarrassed as your signing got a little more sloppy then it probably already was. Your face was red and suddenly everything seemed to have gotten tense and awkward.

*Well, I am flushed for you. How did you know? : o)* That threw you off. He was so calm about it compared to your racing heart (which you were certain he could feel).

*I just. Figured it out, I guess.*

*Smarty pants.* You laughed and he gave out a throaty chuckle. Kurloz wriggled up and pulled you along with him until he could nuzzle your face (carefully because of his makeup). You closed your eyes happily and felt him write something using his finger on your back. You focused carefully and hard on it, trying to figure it out.

“Darn it, Kurloz. I can’t-” You suddenly felt stitched lips on your own, effectively surprising you. What surprised you the most is what happened after he pulled away.

“FLUSHED FOR YOU.” his voice croaked in your mind.
As requested by :iconmulticoloredscenecat:

Good stuff always follows after the bad, that much I know. So that was my little basis for this story! Though, it seems Rufioh and Kurloz both claim 'Word' in their fanfic title. -sigh- There's something afoot, I know it...

I also enjoyed writing this, though some parts feel a little rushed to me. Not surprising, since my thoughts come and go as fast as Jade's sometimes. Gotta put them down before their gone.

Whelp, hope you enjoyed this! I was originally going to put this up as chapters, but come on! It's only three pages on Pages! We can read that many pages by now...

Well, the last fully complete fanfic I need to post is Eridan's, which I WILL post chapter-like. Mainly cause the little bonus ending... Little kids aren't allowed to view it. :I
That's all. Enjoy lovies~:heart:
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