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January 21, 2013
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My Fantrolls by AkitheShinigami My Fantrolls by AkitheShinigami
I know, I have too many. Still missing two of them on here, too actually... Ehehe...
Now to introduce them! If any quadrants are filled, I'll mention it. If not, the quadrants not mentioned are empty.
EDIT: If you have a troll that you want to pair with one of mine, doesn't hesitate to bring it up! We'll do a little RP, and if the troll in question likes/hates them, you get a quadrant~ And depending on who, maybe a feature in the fansession!

Canali Bernal- My off-spectrum troll. I dunno if she should be hiding that blood, but for now I'm not? Her symbol means something like no exsistence? I'll edit when I get the symbol info in my sights. No lusus set yet. Kinda like Kar in the sense she's really snappy. Moirail is Auleey.

Auleey Miiruz- Brown blood. Her symbol means calm and her personality is just that. Her lusus is a Sea Leopard, a hint that she's not always calm and liable to be violent too. Miorail with Canali.

Somavi Thorne- Olive blood and name bound to be changed. Her symbol means death, circling around her interest with death and small (!) ability to see them (though it's the spirit's choice). Lusus is a Peahen (female peacock) based on the fact male's tail feathers are said to look like the devil's eyes. Strong Moirails with Dmitry.

Dmitry Patraz- Indigo blood. His first name is the name of a famous chess player and his second name means 'weak chess player', all connecting to his theme: chess. His symbol means check!, obviously said when the offense is nearing victory with defense. Lusus is a four-armed chimpanzee (picked for their intelligence). Moirails with Somavi and Kisemesis with Saber.

Sunol Arroyo- Possibly also off-spectrum, and an underground troll. He was adopted from here (DA) and so, nothing really connects to his theme: underground/earth. His lusus is a mole (not sure what type to go for though...). Has a flushcrush on Auleey.

Adelai (forgot the new name ugh)- The next Empress (please, please, PLEASE no hate on her. Me and a friend are working on a fansession waaaay in the future and I'm covering all sides of the spectrum. She's also a blood color below Fef, according to the blood color chart I use for all of them) and an obvious seadweller. Friendly, but nervous and prone to having fits of anxiety. Symbol means all types of waves. Lusus is G (however you spell the darn thing haha). Flushcrush on Dmitry. Possible Moirail is Emilst.

Dual Eyes (no official name)- The yellow blood. Sign means power (and earth, if I remember correctly). Called Dual Eyes because right eye is blood color instead of black. Sensitive about it and hides it under hair. Undecided lusus. Matesprit is Scar.

Saber (no official name)- Brown blood. Theme is Ice Age and Saber tooth tiger. Lusus is a saber toothed tiger. (Forgot sign meaning, bad me!) Tempermental, even more so around Lion. Flushcrush on Hunter. Austicpized (?) by Hunter when fighting with Lion.

Hunter (no official name)- The green (olive?) blood. Uses old fashioned tools, like bow and arrows as well as spears (handmade). Her dancestor/ancestor is actually male, resulting in her lusus being a four-horned stag. Symbol means beginning of the summer (?). Ausptice to the hatepair of Saber/Lion. Flushcrush on Legislator.

Lion (no official name)- Inspired by Lion King (watch me get killed for that one). Light brown blood, like lion fur. Sign means 'fears nothing but God' and lusus is a lion (of course). Theme is Africa and lions. Austicpized (?) by Hunter when fighting with Saber.

The Follower (no normal name)- Teal blood. Born into the cavern with Vterra, he is the chosen follower for him. Lusus is a Channel Island Fox and his theme is loyalty. No sign yet for him. Flushcrush on Vterra and Somavi (though it's much later on, of course).

Vterra (last name needed)- Soft glowing blue blood. Originally from another species, he was reborn into the troll society. His species remembers their previous life and holds onto the knowledge they obtain from each species in attempt to educate their planet to the max. No one has succeeded yet. Unchoosen lusus and symbol. Flushcrush on Follower.

Nervous (no official name)- A purple blood. Extremely nervous and always flinching at slight movements. When stressed, he becomes very violent and quite uncontrollable. Symbol means absolutely nothing, it's just a line, symbolizing his uselessness. A servant of the First Guardian to Alternia (may not use Doc, but unlikely) and, like the Handmaid, destined to be replaced. No lusus (though he had one, it's unknown what). Is inspired by Scar.

Scar (no official name)- The rust blood. Her symbol means secret. Stitches on her face were done by the Jade blood, and the wound made by the Blue blood. Matesprites with DE; Kismesis with Blue blood. Moirail is Neiwid Unrual (owner: ~ADLERtheMORPHIENIST).

(no official name)- The purple blood. Very rebellious and doesn't listen to her lusus (undecided). Drugs out on sopor slime because it told her not to and doesn't stop because when she sinks down, it hurts her thinkpan. Was friendly, but had a shaky temper before the slime. Keeps the make-up even after going sober, but changes it, showing her regret hurting others. Sign next to her is actually the Blue blood's. Symbol means (forgot again, someone's gunna hurt me).

'Legislator' (no official name)- The teal blood. Has an idea of maybe being a Legislator (?), but not sure. Lusus is a giant, mutant (to us, anyway) bee. Symbol means justice and wrong. Small flushcrush on Hunter (though he doesn't know she returns the feelings, dense in romance). Matesprites with Scorpu Zemets (owner: ~ADLERtheMORPHIENIST).

Emilst (no official name)- The sub-royalty seadweller. Avid reader of lots of things, namely war and weapons. Has an internal war with himself on doing what's expected (killing off the landdwellers) or not. Keeps to himself unless Adelai uses a little prying. Symbol means something like upheaval of order and also means Uranus. Borderline Moirails with Adelai.

I'll save the mini infos of Jade and Blue blood for later. It's late and mother is slowly getting mad. Until then.
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Pegatrix Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Look at Emilst, that cutie :`D
AkitheShinigami Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013
Isn't he? He's so sassy though... :I Always givin' me sass...
Pegatrix Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Everybody needs a sassypants in his or her life :3
F0XPRINCE Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Hobbyist
Whoa!! :0
Bunches and bunches of cuties omg!!! <3
AkitheShinigami Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013
AaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHH Thank you so much!! ;v;
I'm proud of 'em and am so glad that you find them so cute!!
(There are more I haven't drawn yet too whoops)
wintertails Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg cuties

could we maybe rp? I don't have many refs up yet but i have a ton of fantrolls and a fanventure of my own ;w;
AkitheShinigami Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
Hehehe! Thank you very much! >u<

Sure! c: Anyone in particular you'd like to RP with? For Quadrants? UvU
wintertails Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm, Somavi and Emilst are especially cute uwu

I have a lot of trolls myself pfft, although probably a few less than you, at least one of every canon hue and then a dead mutantblood, although I don't have refs of them all up yet because I'm trying to make them really in depth and stuff. 
If Emilst I think one of my seadwellers Lucila would be interesting to rp with him because she's like the opposite of him in a way, being all about following the true order of things (although it isn't particularly killing landwellers she is just really ambitious and tries to be a model troll of her caste)  uvu and she's one of the few I actually have a ref for…

If Somavi maybe my dead mutantblood Missik because of her interest in death? Because Missik is the kind to show himself to pretty much anyone because one of his favorite things is to mess with the living, although since she isn't a highblood he'd be less apt to be particularly mean. (he's a really old ghost who's been around for hundreds of sweeps after being culled in the rebellion and has a particular grudge against highbloods but mainly navybloods)
AkitheShinigami Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
They both sound really cool! :D (I find Lucila especially interesting, since I've given Emilst a Porcupine Ray for a lusus!)
You should try to post Missik sometime, I'd really like to see him.

Is there any particular quadrants your looking to fill? (If any, that is~)
wintertails Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! uvu And Missik will probably be one of the ones I put up next because he's one of my favorites.

And there isn't any quadrant in particular, if a quadrant gets filled, a quadrant gets filled. uwu 
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