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November 13, 2012
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You smiled up at Rufioh, quite literally as he was flying at the moment. "I should show you the sky, (Name)~ It's so amazing up there." You giggled and shook your head. He poked you cheek and pouted. “Come on, (Name)! Maybe you'll like it so much, that you'll start talking again!” Your smile softened and you patted his cheek.

-No thanks, Rufi. But thank you for offering. I love you.- you wrote. He smiled and kissed your nose affectionately.

“Flushed for you too, lovely.”

Rufioh watched as you played with fish. You’d been even quieter today, which worried him. No giggles or the like. Letting you play on, he began remembering back on your life before him. It had been a bad situation before he’d even stepped in...

Your parents had been a fairly rich family, loving and spoiling you. On a planet stuck with another species called Trolls, you’d been raised away from them and despite your kind upbringing by your parents, you had been encouraged to look down on them by others. You never could, especially when you met the nice ones. Some could talk forever and others could be really mean! But you found the mean ones could be nice, too. Especially when they pitied your situation of being trapped behind doors and, outside, the fence that let everyone but you in or out.

One night, when everyone was asleep, a thief, desperate for money, stole you from your comfy lifestyle and sold you in the underground slave market. The owner you got stuck with was a horrid person, his wife no kinder.

Life had cursed her with the inability to have kids of her own and she was stricken about the whole thing, taking her rage out on the younger kids. The beatings and the shock of the unfairness of it all slowly took away your voice. You learned at that house, whoever spoke got brutal punishment. One young boy spoke out against the the lady, then the master. For that, everyone was brought outside and forced to watch the boy get whipped and salt water poured on his wounds by his older brother. The end result was death.

Rufioh wasn’t the one who found you, but rather some yellow Troll who broke the front door (which were glass paned) with his skateboard. Another Troll, a girl, appeared to defend the yellow one. Eventually, a small group had formed, the Trolls getting violent to the master and the wife (who later ran off with tears in her eyes from the verbal beat-down given to her by the Trolls). While the verbal battle continued, the one you’d later know as Rufioh and his friend Horuss snuck everyone out and to freedom.

You ended up not going very far, just going into a forest a mile or two from the home and sitting under a tree, notepad clutched in hand. A treasure you’d proudly stolen from the mistress and loved dearly after your voice refused to return to you. Rufioh found you later that night, took you in, and even cared for you with his friends (most of which were happy to play with you or hang out). However, no one could deny that you clinged to Rufioh the most. No matter what, you were more often then not found with Rufioh.

The dependance eventually ended up as matespriteship, even with your disability. He tried many things to get your voice back and nearly gave up, until none other then Mituna had done an awkward summersault onto right onto Rufioh ("5H17 1 F3LL 4G41N AJFHRGNDK-"). It made you laugh, a short, bark-like noise that scared them.

“Wvell, I’ll be damned,” Cronus finally remarked. “She’s finally laughed, guys.” You smiled at the realization and clapped your hands together happily as Rufioh flew over to nearly knock you to the ground in a tight hug.

Going back to the present day, with you and your, uh, fishy business, Rufioh wondered what was up. “Hey, (Name)...?” You looked up from the fish to him, a questioning look on your face. “Is something the matter? You’ve been quiet today. You’ve got me worried, lovely.” You frowned, rubbed your wet hands on your pants and started writing on your notepad.

-Well, I read the news this evening before you guys woke up. Remember Master and Mistress? They’ve apparently committed suicide in jail. It’s been bothering me, that’s all.- He gaped at the message. Something this important and you hadn’t even bothered to tell him?!

“(Name), I thought we went over this.” You looked away, embarrassed and very well-knowing of what was coming next. “You’re supposed to tell me when something important happens. This time, I want you to promise me. You’re not going to let something like this slip by again, okay? We’re-”

“Ok.” Rufioh stopped mid-sentence and stared. Did you just say something?

“(Name)...? Are you- Can...?”

You pointed at him, a small smile on your face. “Rufioh.” Without even realizing it, he began to cry. Your voice was hoarse and scratchy, but it didn’t matter to him. Your voice, the one you’d both been looking for since sweeps ago, was finally returning. Words proved it so much it hurt. He grabbed you and cuddled you, crying his brown tears all over your pale (s/c) skin.

“Flushed. You.” you murmured the best you could. Using your voice was painful, so you broke the words down.

“Flushed for you too, my lovely. Always and forever.” he murmured back, kissing your eyelids and then, finally, your lips.
WARNING: I swear, if you thought that Darkleer/Reader was cute, then this should cause you to collapse from cute. If your like me, anyway. I can't handle my own dose of fluff...

As wanted by :iconxtanuki:

I really enjoyed writing this! The thing that gives me pause is the fact the Kurloz/Reader someone requested also has to do with words, though in the sense that it's Kurloz who isn't able to talk.
I thoguht it'd be interesting for Reader to have had a bad past and have gone mute because of it and Rufioh trying to help her get it back.

That's really all I have to say for this one~:heart: I hope you guys enjoy reading it! And, uh... Don't get diabetes... Hopefully you won't...
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